Who's The Best Imposter?

Birt 18 feb 2021
We’re continuing our quest to find the best imposter at Smosh! Who do you think will win?
WATCH ROUND ONE HERE: smo.sh/imposter 👀
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Keith Leak: keithleakjr
Olivia Sui: oliviasui
Jacklyn Uweh: jacklyn_uweh
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Assistant Director: Nancy Azcona
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Editor: Rock Coleman
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
PA: Jacqi Jones
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • Do you guys wanna see more of this?! What twists should we add next time? 🤔

    • I keep seeing the red on the bottom of the cup, so maybe have them cover the base with their hands as they sip?

    • Apple cider vinegar.

    • Do one round where everyone is safe or everyone is the imposter. (2)

    • Yes yes yes yes!!!! This was hilarious

    • (I just want to thank the person/people who do the closed captions for Smosh videos in general, y'all are making enjoying these videos a lot easier for many of us.) More of this would be awesome, maybe keep tally of who has the worst time hiding it and in the final episode, pit the top 4 on that list against each other. Could be hilarious.

  • Jackie got crunk!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Sassy Olivia is the best

  • Olivia is the only Sober one and she is judging everyone hardcare towards the end and was hating life hahaha

  • Can we have a drunk version?

  • "I got drunk last time" hunny you had maybe a shot and a half

  • I need more

  • keith and jackie together is my peace they are so funny

  • God Olivia is awful

  • My new favorite series :o

  • Anyone knows where to get these cups?

  • Why does Courtney look like the imposter every time

  • Is keith gay dont be mad ok just a question ok im not updated in there lifes

    • He's not but it's weird to ask about people's sexualities

  • jackie’s goofy background music was so perfect

  • Jackie was hilarious

  • I don't know how to explain this but Jackie was the main character of this video

  • drunk Jackie is the best

  • Poor Keith flashed the bottom of his cup a couple times so I knew when it was and wasn’t him for the first 2 rounds 😂

  • I immediately knew it was Keith in the first round because of the face he made at 2:26 He looked like he was going to CRY

  • Keith is one of the girls

  • I don't know if anyone else caught it but in the first round as Keith lifts his cup you can see the red on the bottom.

  • the way i didn't get a single one right bc everyone was too chaotic-

  • Jackie is so so funny omg

  • wouldent it be cool if they used the blue tumbler cups as their imposter merch?!

  • Where can I get those cups

  • I wanna be friends with Jackie! She’s so hilarioussss lmao

  • I’m high and Olivia is on the same level as me.

  • Can you please play online amung us 🔜

  • Please bring back the tie dye hoodie?

  • I feel like the goal is to get one cast member intoxicated every time they do this lol

  • We need more of this !!! PLSS

  • how you gonna cut us off right after Olivia said she used to put rice in her sprite??

  • Totally figured out it was Jackie! The look on her face was priceless and she was so quiet

  • I got all but the last round correct. Was not expecting that last one.

  • Olivia: I used to put rice in my sprite. Everyone else: Whaaat? 😂

  • I would really like to see more eat it or yeet it lol

  • Jackie and Keith are gonna be the next Smosh comedy duo.

  • What a twist!

  • the final reveal left jackie in the 8th dimension of confusion and betrayal

  • Jackie and Keith are just so cute

  • That moment when they spell impostor wrong

  • 神私は本当にこの女の子が嫌い im sorry but its true

  • 11:22 RICE !?!!?!!?! 👀👀. Okay, i knew you were random, but thats just a little too extra for me Olivia. 😂

  • olivia's backkkkk

  • I don't see Olivia coming back to this show :P

  • why did this feel kinda awkward though

  • Well, Jackie must have had an interesting rest of her day.

  • Olivia throwing shaaaade 😂

  • Can we get tipsy Jackie in every video from now on? Thank you

  • How bout you make a round where everybody hve to pretend they have the bad drink to make it harder.

  • i love keith

  • Olivia is such a wimp

  • I just love everything that Jackie brings to the group. she always makes me smile. :)

  • 4:28 the way jackie DID NOT put her drink down, makes her sus. Try put Shanne in that game, maybe he can use his psychology skills (?)

  • Kieth saying Jackie is at a .8 xD 0.08 is the limit lol I couldn't imagine her being at a .8 lolol

  • Didn't see that coming

  • uugghh i love Keith and Jackie’s relationship i wish i had that

  • Yo I'm watching a show called Henry danger shane.... you got something to say mr.denis super star

  • I really dont like olivia, the last imposter video without her is way better

  • I like how I miss half of their videos because their content is "made for kids" and I cant turn notifications on

  • Poor jaqi she's drunk oh my gosh what the hell guys 😂 last time y'all made courtney drink alcohol too she got drunk.

  • I’m so impressed by Keith in the first round! I doubted him based on his reactions during Eat it or Yeet It, and thought it would be so easy to tell! 🙆🏾‍♀️

  • Olivia doesnt seem to be trying anymore compared to years ago...

  • Now I thought someone from this channel played in friends as Joey

  • Keep this series going !!!!

  • I really like this series like alot

  • as someone who doesn't like big sips i feel attacked

  • Can we all agree Courtney looks beautiful with long hair?

  • we stan drunk jackie

  • Olivia just need to not do games

  • Olivia was no fun in this at all

  • When they said that Courtney was a bad liar... just watch the first episode. Literally she & Shayne were amazing.

  • Also please keep at least one alcoholic drink each time you do this again haha.

  • Best lines to take away: "Yeah you look kind of ********* bad." 2:02 "As women, that was not good of us." 3:37 "You are so whiny, all you do is complain." 3:51 "You look ********* bad again." 4:24 [Then whatever the heck happened with Jackie at 5:12 but mood.] "No, ****** it." 5:35 "No, I really don't really like big sips." 5:44 [Everyone gulping to spite Keith at 6:08.] "{scream} It's alcohol." 6:43 "She's drunk." 8:09 "You're drunk." 9:06 (because of the pure exasperation in her voice) [Everyone except Jackie getting the bad drink 9:40.] "Jackie's officially at a .8." 10:19 "You would literally get a DUI right now." 10:25 Okay but in all honesty, dude. What the heck was up with Olivia today? Cause that was hilarious.

  • Y'all I gotta say, I love Jackie as a new member. She's the best of any recently added. And also my god the comedic gold from the original members recently has also been so good, man.

  • SPOLIERS!!! This is for anyone who doesn't want to play along! Here are the imps for each round, and what they got! 1st Round: Keith, water mixed with lemon cayenne pepper. 2nd: Jackie: Bacon Vodka 3rd: Everyone but Jackie, Pickle Juice

  • So, like...convince me them making sure Jackie got that vodka cutting Sprite at the end wasn't scripted. I dare ya.

  • Does anyone else thinks that Olivia is cute?

  • When u watch over the beginning when Keith drink you can see the red at the bottom

  • Love this series

  • I love Jackie's vibe so much❤️

  • ooooh u should do one where the importer has a good drink and everyone else has a bad drink

  • “Imposter”


  • The start dead looked like the Brady Bunch.. But like go off thoo

  • i love how keith quickly jumped to hype courtney up after olivias joke😂 i need that friendship

  • Buzzed Jackie is the best 😂

  • Could anyone else tell it was Keith the first time because he didn’t cover the bottom of his cup

  • Please. Bring back day jobs

  • Is Olivia okay? :(

  • I’ve grown to really love Olivia. Total disclosure-I used to think she wasn’t that funny, but I was wrong. She’s hilarious. I think everyone in Smosh has gotten funnier and funnier over the years. Courtney-holy shiiit she’s fucking funny.

  • Drunk Jackie is a mood

  • Why in the last two years Olivia never seems like she wants to be there ever?

  • They should sip one at a time and they watch eachother

  • Olivia looks so much happier idk

  • You've lost the among us feature. It is just about being a liar here not an imposter.

  • bless jackie's entire existence LMAO

  • Olivia alway looks dead inside


  • Is it me or has Olivia been kind of off for the last few months.