5 Minute Crafts, but better

Birt 17 sep 2020
We see your silly five minute crafts/hacks and we're here to make them BETTER!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • this green screen technology is AMAZING


    • Ya I can’t believe Damian could hit Shane w/ a banana peel from an entirely different location

    • WooOoOaaAaAhhhh.....oooooooops

    • Smosh Pit right?!

    • is that a Banana in your Pants? or are you just happy to see me? ;-)

  • JUST SHAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The quickest way to peal a banana is riping it in half

  • There are 200 seeds in a strawberry

  • I think Shayne is really adorable with the tiny plant in his hoodie. 🥰

  • Icarly wishes they had taken him when they had the chance.

  • Hi

  • There is a tennis player called Anton Matusevich. If only...

  • 7:12 *thats literally all I hear when I play osu*

  • 8:47 the way Damien was saying this reminded me of a creepy parody I watched of the old cartoon ed edd n eddy. Eddy says something similar in a deeper tone like Damien did to some other character

  • Damien - you know what else plants like? Shayne - Gatorade Me - It's got what plants crave

  • 8:50 That VOICE 🥵🥵😘🤩🛋️

  • I miss this show. So fucking funny

  • On average there 200 seeds on a strawberry

  • The other day, I ate a chocolate covered strawberry, and all I could hear in my head was Damien saying "pure flavor" and it was the most perfect moment of my life

  • Two hundred seeds

  • Pure flavour sounds like an energy drink 😂

  • Damien with the flawless meatcanyon reference

  • I was really hoping to see the moment Shayne realised he has to get the hoodie off somehow without getting covered in dirt

  • Better than game grumps tmph

  • When Shayne was shaking the bottle I subconsciously started shaking my phone.

  • Oh no way, Cap and Bucky have a ISprofile?

  • 15:22 "like you dont use simulacrum everyday" spoken like a true high level wizard

  • Why didn’t they say their catch phrase?

  • I'm gonna have nightmares about the Batter Blaster ™️

  • ok damien's deffos been watching too much detective conan

  • The “seeds" you see on the outside of a strawberry are actually the plant's ovaries and are called "achenes." Each “seed" is technically a separate fruit that has a seed inside of it. Despite all this confusion about strawberry seeds, most strawberries are not actually grown from seeds!

  • The painful ketchup normally save because health atypically haunt an a puzzled geranium. axiomatic, cheerful stone

  • 11:51 I’m Not The Only Person That Read “Potted Plant Pizza” Right?

  • 8:46 yo you need a jawbreaker?

  • My favorite thing was he moved the box cutter at 15:47 just to be sure in case Shayne kept being dramatic so he didn't get hurt 🥺🥰

  • I love watching hacks but better! So good.

  • should not be this cute walking around with a plant in his hoodie

  • "What does Beatriz do for a living?" "SHE DOESN’T...... SHE’S A BANANA SHANE!" I lost it💀🤣

  • I don't understand the Anton Milyokovich but god I laughed anyway

  • dude I just found the perfect name for the gun, the batter blaster

  • This is basically two friends doing random things to try and make each other laugh.

  • we need moreeeeeeeee

  • Don't forget to refrigerate your gun after use.

  • It’s not a squash racket, it’s a smash racket *laughter ensues**

  • Damien's meat canyon reference

  • Real men eat the stem

  • this video really shows damiens sagittarius nature, just pure fiery chaos

  • Are you not meant to eat the green leaves of a strawberry? I'm not even joking

  • 9:45 fun fact: the "seeds" on the outside of strawberries are actually tiny fruits, though they do contain seeds within them them.

  • Hey guess what....... I'm gay :)

  • mwmwmwmwwkwkwkwkmwmwmwmwwkwkwkwkmwmwmwmwwkwkwkwkmwmwmwmwwkwkwkwkmwmwmwmwwkwkwkwkmwmwmwmwwkwkwkwkmwmwmwmwwkwkwkwk

  • Shayne now looks like Gus Johnson

  • "These are the kind that *REALLY* kill turtles" Shayne takes a solid 2 seconds to fully absorb that joke.

  • I love watching Shane and Damian just do the most brilliant life hacks

  • With the gun cant you pee in it and then shoot in the toilet

  • shayne has evolved into gus johnson

  • 13:46 this holds the office energy

  • Talking about killing plants my sister had killed an air plant before... those are like super hard to kill.

  • genuine tears

  • There are an average of 200 seeds on a strawberry

  • 5 minute crafts is quaking

  • 5 minute crafts, but better, and with 10x less subscribers

  • Shayne is Young Alex Jones, cant change my mine

  • There are on average about 200 seeds on a strawberry

  • "Life Hacks" or "Lie Facts"?

  • "Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks" damn Damien is my new favorite.

  • Damien moving the knife away from Shayne is a mood

  • About 200 seeds on a strawberry 🍓

  • They should do all those stupid making shoes hacks and walk across lego

  • Theres 200 seeds on a strawberry i googled it

  • Damian: "do you know how many seeds are on a strawberry?" Me: pauses the video and googled it "200" Damian: "great you don't" Me: visible confusion

  • But how remove the plant hoodie

  • I would’ve died if, during the scene where Shayne tried to get Damien to put the batter gun down, Damien had said, “Hey... Remember when you threw away my Golden Cat?” & just shot Shayne mercilessly w/ the batter

  • I swear Damien is the voice of Meat Canyons' videos.

  • I hope when Shane does that shaking he's not walking he's shuffling


  • 200 seeds per strawberry.

  • That meat canyon reference is fantastic 8:45

  • Shayne’s hair reminds me of my childhood fantasies of Junior from the movie “Little Giants”


  • over caffinated Damien is just me having an adhd episode and acting like I juts chugged 7 monsters with crack in them

  • These are the kind that really kill turtle

  • O wow this vid was on my bday

  • In all honesty seeing those don’t do this at home earnings in kinda scared. I didn’t know how dangerous bananas really were

  • 13:19 I’m dying because he just completely missed his hood

  • XD

  • Why the banana

  • Who give sht about the seeds

  • 13:46 every crime mystery show ever

  • I need context for the clip at the very start. I need to know why I’m laughing

  • Do anyone knows the song at 7:14 when Shane went insane

  • Shayne’s realization of what Damien said about the coffee stirrers was priceless

  • There are approximately 200 seeds on a strawberry

  • 2:50 that panic at the disco reference 10/10

  • The soil falling out of his hood sent me I’m yelling

  • 14:56 as a Boston-it this is very accurate

  • A typical strawberry has 200 seed's

  • 13:35 this bit made my whole fucking day 😂😂

  • 10:17 took me about as long as Shayne to realize that ohmygod Damien


  • Isn’t the transition music from Super Bunny Man?

  • Can someone please explain the paggliacci joke cuz I don’t get it ;-;

  • Shayne’s kids (if he chooses to have any) are going to literally be a mix of him and uncle Damien being goofs

  • Damien sounded like a person from meatcannon