We Read Our Creepy DMs

Birt 19 des 2019
We read our creepy Instagram DMs... and acted them out!
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  • Flaints: to display ostentatiously or impudently : parade flaunting his superiority a chance to flaunt clothes, bodies, and sexuality

  • When they read one of your dms 😂

  • Noah’s nails are on point

  • Has Keith read or seen Harry Potter by now?

  • i lost it at yo homie g skillet

  • ngl it's like these DMs have been premeditated.

  • I’m the only girl here who’s developed 🤣

  • 7:50 Shayne looked disturb

  • My cheeks hurts from laughing

  • ya dawg 😂😂😂😂

  • I bet most of the people who disliked this are one of the people who sent them creepy dms

  • 16:35, that's why he wanted that scene! Lmao

  • During that wedding scene, You could see how jealous Shane was.

  • One more year until winepepper

  • Imagine being bisexual and very attracted to both Shane and Courtney. @me

  • Also love professor persona Shayne

  • Noah is so cute lowkey


  • 17:09

  • You guys are really funny and you guys make me happy

  • shanes snape voice is greattttt

  • Ayo in 2022 next year let’s see if wine pepper is real 😂

  • my throat is dead from laughing so hard

  • what does ur mom always say she says yo homie g skillet

  • Evening gromit

  • pronounces "le MOW" instead of "lmao" hahaha

  • Watching this in 2021. Let’s see if winepepper is created next year lol


  • 16:59 Olivia out loud to Courtney, in a voice that can be heard outside the building - GUESS WHO GAVE ME THAT?!?!?! 17:54 *All eyes and ears turned to Olivia* Olivia - sOmE pErSoN sEnT tHaT tO mE...

  • And at night you always whisper 💖Hi HoW aRe YoU??💖

  • I think the best part was Shane’s reaction to some of these. The faces he makes are priceless.

  • I lost my flaints

  • The harry poter one was LIT.

  • The thirsty schedule aerobically attend because jump rahilly guess barring a abhorrent melody. aspiring, spotted joke

  • I need more of this

  • apparently Flaint is the dirt that builds up under an old computer mouse.

  • The Harry Potter one got me


  • Next year we gonna see the wine pepper and napphone 😉 😉

  • Hiiiii

  • Hi

  • Is coah a thing now

  • It's so god damn hilarious that "Hi how are you" is a creepy dm

  • Im da captain now. *this is going down for real starts playing*

  • 8:12 8:19


  • !🛌🔫🚶 Who the hell's in my bed

  • 🧫🧪💊🔫

  • 17:20 that was the best part😂😂

  • "What the fuck Trinity" was gold

  • Lol

  • 16:35 holy shit that actually sounds like snape

  • Why does Keith look like he’s gonna tell us to hide our kids

  • Them talking about hogwarts with a fake kill spell Me: THATS AVRAKADABRA

  • This is madlibs but smosh creepy DM version

  • “You’re not Jonny” “Jonny!?” “Jonny” “Oh I guess you are Jonny”

  • Shayne: Huggy? Captions: Hoggy? Ian: lmao Captions: LEM OW

  • Flaint

  • Wait does anyone know y it's Smosh PIT?

  • Did anyone thought she said ‘ FLAKES ’ ?!

  • Smosh:what did we learn today Me:never and I mean never in the name on sandwich dm smosh anyone else

  • Flashbacks to olivia saying flank for a game in a squad vlog. Precious Olivia

  • Only shayne could come up with that christmas boriguard skit

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Comrade ian with the tracksuit have a great beard not gonna lie

  • Best Part: 21:07

  • 📚 oops I dropped my books... hehe... anyway i do have a question... and it’s kind of a deal breaker... GREYMANE OR BATTLE-BORN?

  • Where is Anthony in this video

  • This is why Oli is my fav

  • so weird cause my name is johny

  • Ian has ✨tities✨

  • Olivia is honestly the funniest girl to ever exist

  • Legend says that he is still running for the milk

  • I been thinking about the future thing but what if it’s true I need more sleep

  • Shayne sounds like Professor Snape-

  • Shane sounded like Snape omg

  • Yes I’m not sure why you are in a relationship or something I just want you to know I don’t know what you say but you know what you say

  • Myflaintsderemissing

  • "damn girl, you been looking ship like recently, you been making my sails raise"

  • Who misses the old smosh?

  • This was a bad experiment..

  • I like smosh

  • were waiting for the wine pepper for next year

  • ‘I knew it! They’re on to us!’ ‘...yeah!’

  • When I heard "Shout out to the asian girls, let the lights dim sum I literally laughed every time I remember. love this video its sooo funny

  • I’m watching

  • I had realized that shayne is denis from Henry danger and used jasper as a hostage

  • I fucking love it when Courtny thinks something is really funny and she throws her head ALL the way back and just screams.

  • This video is saying send more creepy dm’s we need more content

  • "these are creepy dms" Reads the paper: Goodmorning!

  • is it just me or this is awfully similar to whos line?

  • Flaints

  • I want more of this

  • We need more haha 😂

  • "are one of your pupils bigger than the other" LMAOOOO

  • yo homie g skillet

  • The limping draw peroperatively peel because tax expectantly drag in a sable salary. salty, animated afternoon

  • Flaint The dirt that accumulates on the underside of a computer mouse.

  • I'm gonna be here in 2022 to see if there is winepepper

  • People who dm’d smosh: HHEHEHEH I WILL BE IN THEIR DMS HEHEHEH Smosh:*reads their weird dm’s People: THEY NOTICED ME HAHAHAHHAH IT WAS ALL PART OF THE PLAN