We Cosplay as Each Other

Birt 23 júl 2020
In what may just be the most difficult challenge yet, we decided to cosplay as each other!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • welcome to our roast session.

    • Crusty dusty roasty toasty

    • thank you

    • Make a whole sketh wid dis please

    • Omg Smosh y’all make me laugh so hard I want to meet all of y’all in person one day

    • I feed my dog with this comedy, he got very bloated this morning.

  • Is it weird that I wanted ian as dumpster wizard to say "looking to enter Shayne are you"?

  • Where is antony? Seriously

  • I lost my friends, my family, my turtle and my hairline.

  • I think Shayne (as Olivia) and Courtney (as Ian) did the best

  • Shayne being Olivia is the best!!!!

  • Shayne and Damien have the best dynamic and sense of humor

  • This was so cringe, the tension keeps building as the backhanded insulting ramps up. 8 ot of 10 for making it awkward lol

  • Hahah everyone was pretty spot on with their impersonations...and then there’s Olivia 😂

  • “Cregg!!!”

  • I’m scared of Shayne-Ian

  • i came here concerned that someone would have used blackface for the black guy on smosh, im really glad they didn’t.

  • Hooooly shit... I wish I could give this more than one 'like.' Everyone did really weirdly well- even Ian! I laughed so hard I cried multiple times...

  • most chaotic intro ever holy $hit...

  • Just let Olivia roast every ep. 😂

  • Im too old to show that I watch smosh lol but I do and I loved this episode. Also damiens line up is mwah. PR barbers 💈 kiss

  • Please don’t say God’s name in vain

  • 2:14 courtney is cosplaying as asian

  • You should do this but an eat it or yeet it version

  • Ian just looks so sad

  • I read "As Ian" as "Asian" and i was very confused lol

  • Damien nailed courtney cosplay so hard that courtney's soul started to doubt if it was in the real body......

  • 12:44 okay but Ian sounds EXACTLY like shayne omg

  • Ian missed the opportunity to plug My Favorite Coffee when Damien asked him what his favorite coffee was

  • omg when u peut as and ian together it makes asian lol

  • guys what happend to keith?

  • Wtf is Ian’s haircut

  • I was full expecting shayne to come out as olivia and just say: clarice

  • olivia was the best actor 👏👏

  • Shaynes wig looks so greasey

  • Hiiiii

  • olivia doing damien is magical

  • 9:55 Jeffree star lmfaooo

  • Damien as Courtney is just perfect

  • This is my favorite smosh pit video period.

  • Oh no the Beaver hairs back! Why Ian! Why

  • I love that you can hear Keith scream when Damian is Courtney

  • I misread "as ian" as "asian"0

  • I was looking at lan hair the whole time.. 😬

  • “Can you give me some sound financial advice?” “DID YOU SAY SOUND I LOVE MAKING SOUNDS”

  • that changing room made courtney go 100-0 in no time


  • Damin is my favourite

  • Olivia seems to have lost her mind

  • damien’s reaction was so cute

  • Damien with that beard can break me in half anytime he wants

  • wow ian sounds exactly like shayne

  • This video hurt...

  • shayne should have been Courtney Miller

  • Y'all should do this again, but with the crew. We saw Garrett as Shayne in Smosh Games, now we need to see Shayne as Matt Raub (if you thought I was going to say Garrett, 😆). I just think it would be hilarious.

  • Haven’t seen Courtney break down from embarrassment this bad since she was surprised by Chris Pratt

  • Shayn should have been Cortney fricken Miller

  • Okay so, I’m coming back into the smosh “fandom” or whatever, and like... fuck is Courtney constantly on something? I thought I was somehow misogynistic towards gamer girls even though I’m also considered a “gamer girl” 🤢, BUT I CANNOT STAND LISTENING TO HER SCREAMING AND SLURRING HER WORDS. I THOUGHT SHE WAS HAVUNG A STROKE but she’s being “normal” on screen. If this is her real personality then I don’t know what to say other than “wack 🙄” and let’s hope Olivia, Shane, and Damien will talk over her. This definitely is a mean comment, but she’s annoying and I wanted the world to know my opinion :)

  • Aw Liv shuts down when everyone yells

  • when courtneys transition slide said as ian i genuinely though it said asian

  • do another one please!

  • Courtney yelled "Start the video!" at least 7 times in 7 different cadences and voices, and its throwing me off

  • 2:48 Shayne: all right I’ll get into Olivia” Archer: um phrasing?

  • Damien and Shayne are such good character actors. They stayed in character the whole time.

  • Ian’s extreme jealousy of shayne shows so much, it’s cringe level 100! Shayne is so nice!!!!! And making fun of someone’s childhood is a low blow. But that’s because Ian knows he isn’t funny, so he feels the need to insult instead of joke like everyone else.

  • When it said “insert some joke about Shayne here”. I would have put “500 randomly placed loud intense screams later.” And you can’t change my mind to think any different

  • The abundant bell anteriorly suffer because tuesday simplistically tug onto a oceanic south africa. shrill, tiny organ

  • roast levels of shade😂👏 This video is a gem.

  • What did greg do

  • Courtney having a fucking identity crisis full on.

  • the cosplay of ian as shane was underrates no one laughed and he perfectly replicated his loudness

  • Olivia carried this whole freaking video! XD

  • "You're the most sober stoner" 100% can relate lol...

  • Great video, but WTF was going on in the first 1:30mins. of this video!? Lol...

  • where its said insert a Shayne joke, it should of been 25 favourite pizza places later

  • Courtney does ride the line between girly girl and bruh girl

  • I watched that when it came out and didn't realize it was I'd already seen it until near the end, that's how well this holds up


  • Oop not my Japanese self cringing at the incorrect translations for Damien/Olivia I-

  • If you guys do another one I want Damien to be Shayne and Shayne to be Damien. Also Courtney as Olivia and Olivia as Courtney!

  • ah yes. another example of Ian not being the best actor in smosh.

  • When it said “Asian” after Courtney said she would be Ian I was confused

  • I really read “As Ian” and “Asian”

  • Sober stoner is just a Nice way to say dead inside

  • Why was Ian already wearing a wig?

  • Is that Ian’s real hair

  • Ngl Courtney looks good in that wig and glasses

  • Love how in the intro Olivia says “thank you I’m Damien.” That makes it so much funnier to me.

  • Why does Ian reminds me of Oliver tree 😂

  • Smosh humiliating each other for 16 minutes straight

  • Damian killed it

  • That impersonation of Damien wasn’t really that accurate, he usually likes to go into a deep voice in depth character, not just making random noises...

  • We really need an Every Blank Ever with the cosplay cast.


  • Ye

  • Olivia freaking sui?

  • This was by far, the funniest video you've ever made.

  • Ian didn''t nail the laugh, but the paused talking with the "ahhs". 10/10

  • Who's who?

  • I would have loved to see someone do Noah and every time the camera goes off of them they just change wigs because of how often he dyes his hair

  • in this, Courtney reminds me of Laura Dern in Jurassic Park and damn it's nice.

  • mHMn mEtAl


  • This is my favorite video on the internet

  • 10:14 So no one's even gonna talk about that?